Behind the Bullet: .450 Nitro Express

Despite its rarity today, we all owe the .450 Nitro Express a debt of gratitude for the simple fact that it established a ballistic formula upon which so many dangerous game hunters rely.

Behind the Bullet: .458 Winchester Magnum

Introduced in 1956, the .458 Winchester Magnum offered the ballistic formula of the .450 NE in a bolt-action, affordable rifle.

Behind the Bullet: .458 Lott

If you’re attracted to .45-caliber cartridges for dangerous-game hunting, the .458 Lott is a serious contender for the top of the heap.

Top 5 Double Rifle Cartridges

Let’s take a look at some of the best cartridge choices for a double rifle.

Head to Head: .450 Nitro Express vs. .470 Nitro Express

While both are excellent choices for an all-around dangerous game cartridge, which offers the best performance for hunters? Contributor Philip Massaro takes a closer look at what makes each cartridge tick.

3 Rifle Cartridges to Hunt the World

From varmints to African dangerous game, contributor Philip Massaro takes a closer look at three groups of cartridges that cover the entire spectrum.

Head to Head: .458 Win. Mag. vs. .458 Lott

Between the .458 Win. Mag and the .458 Lott, which is the better choice for a prospective big-game hunter? Contributor Philip Massaro takes a closer look at what makes each cartridge tick.

New for 2018: Hornady DGX Bonded

Hornady has changed the game with the release of their new DGX Bonded ammunition. Featuring a thicker jacket and a lead core bonded to that jacket, expansion is controlled and structural integrity is maintained, resulting in deep penetration, yet good expansion.

Hunting in the Tracks of Selous

In the early 1870s, famous hunter Frederick Courteney Selous—then in his early 20s—obtained permission from King Lobengula of the Matabele to hunt for ivory in the area west of the Gwai River, northward toward Victoria Falls. His legendary adventures are well documented in his 1881 book. American Hunter contributor Philip Massaro recently decided to follow in Selous' footsteps and craft his own African adventure.


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