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Do Bucks Go Nocturnal, or Just Leave?

Did this happen to you this past hunting season? Before opening day you found a...

Intracranial Abscessation in Deer

During this year’s whitetail rut, perhaps you observed a buck fight. While most “fights” are...

How to Rattle in Deer the Right Way

With this time of year comes some of the best whitetail hunting action in the...

Late Rut Options

Not all of the hottest whitetail action takes place in November. In several places across...

Why You Sit All Day

It’s that magical time of year, with bucks chasing does and all Hell breaking loose...

Whitetail Season with Bill Winke: Funnels

Check out our American Hunter video insights in Whitetail Season with Bill Winke: Funnels

8 Ways to Ruin Hunting

Don’t be a goon. Avoid situations that make all hunters look bad.

Somewhere in a Rifleman's Paradise

Tag along during a spot-and-stalk for a magnificent pronghorn in New Mexico.

How to Hunt Everyman's Elk

Trophy-bull tactics could lead to missed opportunities when the quarry is any legal bull.

Best Deer Hunting Days

Here are your best days to hunt whitetails in 2012.

Bargain Deer Hunts

It's not too late to score on the whitetail hunt of your dreams—and you might...

Patterning a Buck? No Problem.

Trail cameras and other innovations have made patterning a buck easier than ever.

Should You Move Your Stand?

During the whitetail rut there are two schools of thought when it comes to hanging...

Michael Waddell’s Rut Time Strategies

It may be the easiest time of the year to take a big buck, but...

Hunting the Rut: A 7-Day Guide

To get the most out of the rut: Spend your time where the does concentrate,...

Making Sense of Scents

Using scent is common during the rut. Many of my buddies swear by various forms...

Whitetail Season: Pre-Rut Plans

Bill Winke reveals his pre-rut plans, and advises you on how to go about solidifying...

Hunting Big Buck Bedding Areas

Once the rut arrives, bucks spend their days avoiding hunters, sleeping and recovering in hiding...

5 Early-Season Deer Stand Locations

For the most productive early season whitetail hunts, focus on these five hotspots.

When and What Deer Scent to Use

The most effective scent strategies are also among the most simple to execute. You just...
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