Scout Mule Deer Now

Hunters who pursue the monarchs of the West for the first time face steep learning curves if they don’t do their homework.

Optics for a Mule Deer Hunt

You may not have the cash to hunt with the high-end gear of the rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, especially in the optics department.

Mule Deer Hunting Is Chess

Start with the board, consider the pieces, and then you’ll see the moves to make on Western bucks.

Where Mule Deer Hide

Mature bucks are different, but the places they look for on public land can be found.

Mule Deer Storm

Most folks don’t consider themselves to be trophy hunters. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t hope to conjure a little magic once in a while.

Munición Mule Espectacular

Flying with firearms and ammo from the U.S. to Argentina for a stag hunt is perfectly legal, as long as you lay over in the right place.

Best State for a Big Mule Deer?

This question came from a comment on a previous blog post on destinations for whitetails.

First Look: Mule Light Version 2.0

A good flashlight is like a good knife—both are difficult to come by, and both are things hunters can't have enough of.

Tips for Hunting Pre-Rut Mule Deer

Just before the breeding season bucks make seemingly random decisions, forcing us to analyze their habitat’s food, water and cover and how each factor influences their behavior.

Coffee, Classic Country And Colorado Mule Deer

In the northwest corner of the Centennial State, the deer of the West migrates from the high country to winter on lower ground. Every day new critters enter the mix. Sometimes, success is measured by merely being in the right place at the right time.

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