Woman “Buttstrokes” Bear with Shotgun, Saves Husband

posted on May 31, 2013
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Gerre Ninnemann was staying at his Silver Cliff, Wis., cabin when heard a commotion. He looked out a window and—to his horror—a black bear was chasing his dog. He went outside to call the dog into the cabin. The dog made it, but Ninnemann wasn’t so lucky.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the bear tackled Ninnemann from behind, biting and clawing at his back. For a moment, Ninnemann slipped away, but the faster bear resumed mauling him.

Meanwhile, Ninnemann’s wife, Marie, retrieved a shotgun from the basement, but didn’t know how to load it. And her husband was in no position to help.

So, Marie did what any quick-thinking, resourceful woman would do: She grabbed the shotgun by the barrel and—swinging with all her might—clubbed the one-year-old bear on the head with the stock.

That gave Gerre a chance to escape. The couple slowly backed up into the cabin, keeping the muzzle (presumably loaded at this point) directed at the bear.

The bear, which continued to circle the home and peak in windows, was later shot by a responding Sheriff’s deputy. An examination of the bear, including a rabies check and necropsy, are being performed.

Ninnemann was transported to the hospital with injuries including bear bites from his waistline to the back of his head. Fortunately none were life threatening.

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