Rambo Rifles for Weekend Hunters

posted on March 1, 2010
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The Headline: Rambo Rifles for Weekend Hunters

The Summary: A story in Business Week explores the rising trend of U.S. hunters taking military-style semi-automatic guns to the woods in pursuit of game. Dishonestly branded “assault weapons” by the anti-gunner, and now called “modern sporting arms” by the NSSF, the story acknowledges that these guns are being bought at an unprecedented rate but questions whether their use by hunters is a fad oryet another historic transition to more modern arms.

Jeff’s Take: Anytime I read a headline like this it immediately gets my hackles up and I read the story as if it’s calling my mother an ingrate. But other than being pointless, the story is more or less factual. Rambo, of course, hunted and killed the wild pig with a wooden spear he fashioned from his Rambo knife; elsewhere in the movie he plugs some pursuers with a deer-season-classic Remington 88 lever gun before acquiring an automatic M16a1 and finally his piece de resistance, a belt-fed m60 machine gun. He never used an AR15 as this story’s title infers, but hey, we all understand that its simply too much to ask from the mainstream media to get their gun facts straight, so no surprises there.

Click here to see all the weapons featured in Rambo.

The author threatens to quake the hi-capacity heavens when he incites the Zumbo transgression, but he goes on to say that the reformed Jim Zumbo, from his cave in Wyoming, predicts “black guns” will only increase in popularity in America’s woods. And what a glorious vision indeed—men, women and legal-aged children, in the woods, hunting for food for their families and for fun with modern sporting arms, or AR-15s, or semi-automatic pig pluggers, or blackened deer population controllers, or high-capacity civilian hunting tools, or your cool new deer gun, or whatever you call them.

The RamboQuote: "Let's do some huntin'! Hunting? We ain't huntin' him, he's huntin' us!"

Alternate Headline: War's Over, Rambo, Go Fetch Mother A Rabbit


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