Potential New State-Record Elk Killed in Nebraska

posted on October 6, 2016

Photo Courtesy of Big Game Conservation Association/Facebook

14-year-old Hannah Helmer may be joining the record books. Last month, Helmer killed an elk that could soon be named the all-time Nebraska state record.

Sporting a green score of 428-1/8, Helmer's elk could breeze past the previous state record of 409-7/8. Official scores won't be entered until the end of the 60-day drying period.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Hannah and her father, Joel Helmer—who happens to be an official Boone and Crockett scorer—had scouted the area prior to the hunt, and actually saw another smaller bull that morning where they were hunting, but didn’t take the shot. About a half hour later, the larger bull appeared and, with one shot from her 7mm-08 Remington at 214 yards, Hannah potentially secured her place in the record books.

When asked about the shot, Hannah told the World-Herald, "I tried not to think of how big he was, and just getting those crosshairs right where I was supposed to. Mid-bugle, I shot him. He just walked a little way and laid down. I was happy he died a quick death."

Boone & Crockett will have to confirm the score after the drying period passes, but things are looking good for the Helmer clan.

The “down” side? The main beams alone measure more than 50ʺ, and with a rack that size, the family is concerned it won’t fit through the front door of their home. That's a problem for another day, though.


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