New for 2024: Beretta BRX1 Straight-Pull Rifle

posted on January 22, 2024

With 500 years in business, Beretta knows a thing or two about firearms and hunting. Now, the company is bringing its considerable expertise to bear on the straight-pull hunting rifle market, with the BRX1 rifle. A rotating-bolt design, with 8 lugs for standard calibers and 16 lugs for magnums, every feature of the BRX1 is designed for the hunter in need of serious speed, while simultaneously keeping things light. The gun boasts a reversible bolt handle for ambidextrous operation, with a three position safety (fire; locked trigger with unlocked bolt; locked trigger with locked bolt) for safe loading and unloading, and worry-free carry through dense brush that threatens to peel open a straight-pull with every bump and tug. 

BRX 1 in hand

Initial models will debut with a steel barrel, stretching between 20- and 22-inches depending on chambering, though a 24-inch carbon-barreled model will follow later in 2024. All sport muzzles threaded to 5/8x24TPI, and barrels of different calibers are interchangeable. The gun's linear action is fed by a detachable box magazine holding five rounds, that is colored in blaze orange to make it easy to find if (or—let's be honest—when) it gets dropped in the dark. To release shots, a single-stage trigger provides a clean pull, and is adjustable to three different weight—2.1 pounds, 2.6 pounds and 3.3 pounds.

BRX 1 Blaze Orange Magazine

All this is nestled into a high-performance polymer stock, colored in either green or black. It boasts a negative comb for optimal head position when firing, and a modular grip and length of pull (LOP) to allow the rifle to be customized to any shooter. Swivel studs allow for sling attachment, and a thick rubber recoil pad soaks up energy before it reaches the shoulder.

Olmsted shooting BRX 1

On top of the rifle rides a long stretch of Picatinny rail, making mounting an optic easy. For more information on this precise hunting platform visit, or check out the video embedded above. MSRP: $1,599-1,899


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