New for 2023: CVA Paramount Pro V2

posted on January 18, 2023
MAIN Paramount Pro V2

CVA has released a new model of the Paramount Pro for 2023, termed the Paramount Pro V2. The muzzleloader utilizes the same VariFlame Breech Plug adapter as its predecessors, allowing it to use large-rifle primers for consistent ignition of what CVA terms "super-magnum" charges.

The lightest Paramount variant to yet hit the market, the rifle features a Grayboe stock that tips the scales at eight-ounces less than its forerunner in .45-caliber, and two-ounces less in .50-caliber. The stock also boasts an adjustable cheek riser for the optimal cheek weld both with a scope, or with the Micro-Adjust Williams peep sight. The latter sight is offered as a standard feature of the .50-caliber model or as an aftermarket feature on the .45-caliber. 

Removable spacers allow the length-of-pull of the stock to be adjusted, while a Limbsaver recoil pad reduces felt recoil. The gun uses a fully adjustable TriggerTech trigger to release shots down a 26-inch, free-floated, Cerakoted barrel, designed specifically for PowerBelt ELR bullets. It's muzzle is threaded to 3/4x20 TPI on the .45-caliber model, and 3/4x24 TPI on the .50-caliber, for the easy addition of a muzzle device. 

For more information on this muzzleloader, which comes standard with a Quake Claw sling and a carbon fiber PalmSaver ramrod, visit MSRP: $1920-$2065


IMG 1066
IMG 1066

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