New Archery World Record Caribou?

posted on October 6, 2014
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The Pope and Young Club is busy verifying whether a 376 7/8-inch woodland caribou shot last year by bowhunter Jeff Samson in Newfoundland is the new archery world record. This score would beat the current archery world record of 345 2/8 by 31 points.

Samson saw the caribou several times before finally being able to stalk within range. As someone who hunts primarily for meat, he said he wasn’t even aware of the bull’s record potential until much later when, out of curiosity, he checked out the top-scoring bulls on the Pope and Young website. Though he has no intention of mounting the animal, he said he’ll put the antlers on display whether or not it becomes the new record.

The current record woodland was taken in Newfoundland near the Victoria River in 1966 by Dempsey Cape and has stood for 48 years.


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