Must-Have Crossbow Broadheads for 2015

posted on September 21, 2015

Crossbow bolts are lighter and shorter than arrows used in vertical bows, plus they receive a more abrupt delivery of force and fly at higher speeds. All these factors affect arrow behavior in flight, especially with broadheads. Many companies now offer heads tuned for use with crossbows to optimize performance—both in the air and in game. 

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Broadhead
adapts its stalwart design to create the Trocar Crossbow, a stubby little slicer with three .035-inch-thick blades that provide a 13/16-inch cutting diameter (100-grain version). The solid steel Trocar ferrule has an increased diameter designed for the thicker arrows shot from crossbows. A 125-grainer is also available. $29.99 (3-pack).

Cabela's Lazer Strike II Crossbow Broadhead
Hunters looking to keep a little gas money in their wallet will appreciate the price of the Cabela’s Lazer Strike II Crossbow, while remaining confident the broadhead won’t cost them deer. The ring that retains the 440 stainless steel blades in flight is rated for speeds up to 400 fps, yet its position just behind the blades’ pivot point allows easy opening upon impact for a 11/4-inch cut. Available in 100- and 125-grain versions. $19.99 (3-pack).

NAP Killzone Crossbow Broadhead
The twin .039-inch-thick blades sweeping from the NAP Killzone Crossbow cut a 2-inch-wide swath through vitals that will paint the leaves red. Its scalpel-like, cut-on-contact tip is offset 90 degrees from the main blades, creating an additional wound channel. Blades deploy from the rear via a spring-clip design that doesn’t require a retaining ring. 100 or 125 grains. $44.99 (3-pack).

Wac 'Em Crossbow Broadhead
The solid stainless steel ferrule of the stout Wac ’Em Crossbow ends in a triangular tip with razor-sharp edges that line up with the blades. Penetration will not be lacking with this broadhead, which has a cutting diameter of 11/4 inches and comes in 100- and 125-grain versions. $37.99 (4-pack).

Carbon Express Torrid 100 Crossbow Broadhead
Carbon Express
wins the award for the most wicked-looking head with its Torrid 100 Crossbow. It combines three expanding blades with an offset, 5/8-inch-wide cut-on-contact tip, providing more than 31/2 inches of cutting edge. 100 grains. $24.99 (3-pack).

LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter
Before screwing on a broadhead or practicing with field points comes sight-in, and the LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter ensures no arrows will be lost during the process. The device sits in the arrow track and, much like the company’s rifle boresighters, projects a laser beam that serves as a reference to point of impact at 20 yards. $64.95.

TenPoint Crossbow Unloading Bolt
The generally accepted way to uncock a crossbow at the end of a hunt is by firing a field point-tipped arrow into a portable target or the ground. TenPoint offers a more convenient way with its Crossbow Unloading Bolt (CUB), a single-use, biodegradable shaft that takes the place of an expensive arrow for safe uncocking. Broken down, the two-piece CUB isn’t much larger than a ballpoint pen. $9 (6-pack).


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