First Look: Wicked Tree Gear

posted on March 4, 2022
Mainwicked Tough Hand Saw Full 1024X1024@2X

It's about time to start prepping shooting lanes and brushing in blinds for the 2022 spring and fall season’s. When you hit the field, make sure you have some helpful tools in tow to get the job done. Don't have the tools you need, or looking to replace some worn out gear? Wicked Tree Gear may have just what you need for your early forays into the field.

Wicked Tree Ultralight Pole Saw

While such products as the Wicked Tough Handsaw have long populated the toolkits of outdoorsmen, the company's Wicked Tough Machete is a new addition, but one that attempts to carry. A carefully crafted blade made from forged carbon steel is balanced and angled to cut through tree and branches of any size.

Standard Pole Saw

Next up, the Wicked Tough Hand Saw and the Wicked Tough Bone Saw feature cast aluminum handles and hardened locking hardware, along with Wicked high-carbon-steel blades. The Wicked Tough Pole Saw and the Ultralight series revolutionary design increases portability, while maintaining every bit of the performance required by professionals. Both of these can reach up to 15 feet, or it can be packed up and taken deep into the woods.

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