First Look: Hornady Click-Adjust Bullet Seating Micrometer

posted on July 10, 2024
Click Adjust Micrometer On White

Hornady has introduced the Click-Adjust Bullet Seating Micrometer, a reloading tool designed for precise reloading. This device allows users to achieve benchrest accuracy with tactile .001-inch click adjustments for bullet seating depth. No more hassle with multiple seating dies and extra costs, all that functionality is now available in one micrometer.

Click Adjust Micrometer

This micrometer seamlessly replaces the standard seating adjustment on Hornady rifle seating dies, making it a versatile addition to any reloading setup. Users can feel the audible clicks as they make .001-inch adjustments, ensuring complete control over bullet seating depth. This hands-on approach is favored for precise adjustments for consistent and reliable results.

Click Adjust Micrometer

The Click-Adjust Micrometer's swift and effortless functionality streamlines the process of achieving benchrest-level accuracy. Reloaders can fine-tune bullet seating depth with minimal effort, saving time at the bench. Once the desired depth is set, the micrometer maintains those settings for consistent repeatability, allowing users to reproduce results with every reload.

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  • Replaces seating adjustment on Hornady seating dies
  • Tactile feel
  • Maintains settings


  • Weight: .258 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2”x1”x6.5”


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