First Look: Hornady Bore Drive ELD-X

posted on October 28, 2022
Bore Driver ELD X

The Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X is a saboted muzzleloader bullet whose polymer base seals against the bore to promote energy and accuracy. The projectile promises to take a standard muzzleloader’s effective range out to 300 yards or more without switching guns, or even changing to a faster-twist barrel. With a .315 G1 ballistic coefficient, low drag and low wind drift at 200 yards, the Bore Driver ELD-X drives its .50-caliber 340-grain bullet to target with plenty of energy, while an InterLock ring provides maximum weight retention for larger wound channels. Sectional density of the projectile sits around .194, while a polymer tip acts as a wedge to promote controlled expansion.

For more information on this performance projectile, which comes in a package of 12, visit


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Terror On The Kenai Lead

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