First Look: Cimarron 1862 Colt Pocket Navy Conversion Revolver in .380 ACP

posted on February 21, 2019

Here’s a new handgun for the person who likes classic sports cars, cufflinks and handguns with panache. For 2019, Cimarron unveiled its new replica 1862 Colt Pocket Navy Conversion. The little 1862 revolver was never historically converted to metallic cartridge use like some of the larger six-shooters of the day. Nonetheless, demand for these styling revolvers and the popularity of the .380 ACP round inspired its creation.

This new five-shot single-action replica of the 1862 Colt Pocket Navy sports a beautifully blued 6-inch barrel, color-case-hardened frame, varnished walnut grip and brass trigger guard. A high-capacity modern firearm it is not, but an awesome little plinker, rabbit hunter and outdoor carry gun? Yes, please.

The 1862 Colt Pocket Navy Conversion revolver has an MSRP of $570.70. For more information, visit


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