Colt Adds Four Revolvers to its Lineup

posted on May 22, 2024
Four New Colt Revolvers Lede

Long venerated for its broad catalogue of classic firearms, Colt Manufacturing has announced the addition of four new models to its storied lineup of revolvers. Ranging from dedicated hunting handguns, to bear-defense sidearms, to even concealed-carry-capable wheelguns, these new revolvers are set to cater to the full gamut of shooters and hunters.

Colt Kodiaks


First up, the Colt Kodiak provides another DA/SA .44 Magnum model for dedicated backcountry hunters seeking six-rounds of heavy-duty protection afield. Most notably, the Kodiak boasts a ported barrel, to reduce muzzle flip and enhance control over follow-up shots. This is crucial for the hard-charging round, particularly when attempting to put multiple shots on a moving target. Further helping reduce recoil, Hogue OverMolded grips provide a welcome cushion for the hand. The same grips are used on both the Python and Anaconda models, for added customization options. Up top, a one-piece, full-lug, ventilated rib tops the stainless steel, 4.25-inch barrel, which takes advantage of 1:20-inch, left-hand, six-groove rifling. A red-ramp front sight, fully adjustable target rear and brightly polished finish round out this excellent backcountry companion. Empty weight is 48.5 ounces. MSRP: $1,599

Colt Grizzles


Next comes the Grizzly, a direct companion to the above Kodiak revolver. Essentially a .357 variant, the DA/SA Grizzly boasts the same stainless steel construction, sights, and Hogue OverMolded rubber grips as its big brother. The six-round cylinders of both guns are unfluted for a unique look, particularly set off by the highly polished finish. The Grizzly's 6-groove rifling is cut to a 1:14-inch, left-hand twist, and the gun weighs in at 41.1-ounces empty. MSRP: $1,599

Colt Python 8 Inch Walnut

8-Inch Python

Moving up the size chain, Colt's eight-inch Python adds a solid choice for hunters who utilize their revolver as a primary hunting gun. The DA/SA .357 Magnum still holds the same six rounds as its shorter siblings, and boasts a user-interchangeable red-ramp front sight in front of its adjustable target rear. It simply adds an additional two inches of barrel and sight radius over the previous longest Python. Thirty percent more steel beneath that rear sight also adds to the shooting experience, by dampening recoil and steadying rested aim. The gun is available with functional Hogue OverMolded rubber grips and a matte metal finish, or stylish walnut grips inset with the Colt medallion and a polished metal finish. Weight sits around 51 ounces. MSRP: $1,299-1,499

Colt Viper Carry

Viper Carry

Last but not least, the Colt Viper Carry provides a .357 DA/SA wheelgun sized for everyday carry. Streamlined for weight and footprint, the gun sports a half-lug barrel to shave ounces, while still retaining a stainless steel construction for dependable durability. Its one-piece, three-inch barrel takes advantage of a target crown for accuracy, and is topped with a black-ramp front sight that aligns with a simple U-notch rear. Grips are crafted from traditional walnut, for snag free access from concealment, but are still textured to insure a firm hold. The gun holds six rounds, and tips the scales at just 26.9 ounces with an empty cylinder. MSRP: $999

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