88th Academy Awards Commercial Exposes HSUS’ Fraudulent Fundraising Tactics

posted on February 29, 2016

During last night’s star-studded 88th Academy Awards, some of us tuned in just long enough to “star” gaze as Hollywood hit the red carpet. Others watched for the duration to root for their favorite flicks. Some like me just tuned in off and on to catch who scored an Oscar, hoping not to endure too many liberally-biased comments from recipients. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see the commercial that aggressively attacked the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)—the animal rights extremist group that blatantly excretes deceptive fundraising tactics to cash in on the public’s misperception that donating to HSUS helps to shelter pets! 

Paid for by HumaneWatch.Org, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, the commercial blasted the HSUS for the fact that while 85 percent of animals used in HSUS fundraising appeals are of cats and dogs, only 1 percent of funds raised go to support local pet shelters! Just as shocking, look at what HumaneWatch uncovered from the group’s 2014 tax returns:

• $55 million was funneled into offshore accounts!
• $49 million was spent on salaries and pension plans!

"It’s outrageous that the Humane Society of the United States raises so much money off of dogs and cats and uses it to fund a political agenda that includes hunting and ammunition bans,” said Will Coggin, director of research at HumaneWatch.Org. “Friends don’t let friends give to HSUS—they make sure people know to give locally."

Clearly, things aren’t always what they seem! Click here to watch the ad.


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