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Federal Announces 20-Gauge Black Cloud TSS Ammo

Federal Announces 20-Gauge Black Cloud TSS Ammo

Federal has expanded its Black Cloud TSS waterfowl loads to include a 3", 1-oz., 20-gauge offering, which blends 60-percent heavyweight No. 9 TSS pellets with 40-percent No. 3 FliteStopper steel. The load also features Federal’s lead-free Catalyst primers and clean, fast-burning propellant. For wads, Black Cloud uses FliteControl Flex, which promise consistent patterns in all types and port-styles of choke, helping to extend effective range past 50 yards.  

For those who don't know, TSS is a metal alloy comprised primarily of tungsten. It has a density of 18 grams per cubic centimeter, is harder and twice as dense as steel, and is 50-percent denser than lead. This means increased velocity retention and penetration. Hardness also prevents pellet deformation, to improve pattern efficiency and penetration. Because of its greater density, one can use a smaller TSS pellet to deliver the same amount of energy as much larger lead or steel shot. This means one can increase the pellet count of a payload by using a smaller shot size. Finally, TSS is certified non-toxic by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, so it can be used for waterfowl hunting.

For more information, please visit federalpremium.com.

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