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First Look: Hatsan Hercules Bully Airgun

First Look: Hatsan Hercules Bully Airgun

Based off the design of their Hercules rifle, the Hercules Bully, from Hatsan, is a bullpup airgun designed to pack a punch. Available in six calibers, including .177, .22, .25, .30, .35 and .45, the Hercules Bully gives hunters caliber options for species from squirrels to hogs. Weighing in at 10.3 lbs. and measuring 36.2", the Bully is three-pounds lighter and 12" shorter than its rifle-sized sibling. With its forend-mounted, quick-fill-compatible 480cc carbon-fiber air tank, the Bully is capable of delivering 290 ft.-lbs. when shooting .45 caliber, or 45 consecutive shots when firing .177 caliber.

The Bully's side lever-action cocking mechanism sits just above the trigger, meaning the rifle can be charged while keeping sights on target. Speaking of sights, a long stretch of rail rides above the barrel for the easier attachment of optics, though the Hercules Bully does feature foldable TruGlo fiber-optic sights for when optics are not an option. A synthetic stock with a thumbhole contributes to the rifle's ambidextrous nature, while an elevation-adjustable comb provides a customizable fit that adjusts to body type and sight height.

The Bully's rifled and choked barrel uses QuietEnergy technology, which combines a fully-shrouded barrel and an Integrated Sound Moderator to make the system up to 50-percent quieter than a standard airgun. Three magazines come with the gun, two of which can be stored in carrying slots located on the stock. Underneath the forend, a section of Picatinny rail is included for the easy mounting of a bipod, or other such accessory. For more information, please visit hatsanusa.com.

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