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Watch: Massive Moose Spotted Strolling Down Median in Alaska

Many of us have seen moose before and are aware of how big they are, but if you’ve forgotten or need a point of reference (pictures just won’t do the animal justice), a recent viral video puts the behemoth’s truly massive size in perspective.

On Aug. 6, a bull moose was spotted walking along an Alaskan highway median. Alaskan resident Robert Farris filmed the scene from his car, with the moose clearly towering over his vehicle. One driver even put their vehicle into reverse to get a closer look. That probably wasn’t the brightest idea for several reasons, but after seeing this bull, who could blame the driver? The moose, however, didn’t mind and went on his way, more than likely because every vehicle along the road dwarfs him in comparison.

Moose sightings, while not unheard of in Alaska, are rarely this up-close and personal. Aside from making the passing cars look like Hot Wheels, this guy’s got antlers for days. Moose hunters in the Last Frontier, we found your trophy.

Check it out for yourself in the video embedded above.

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