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Watch: Bear Locks Itself Inside Subaru

As anyone who has dealt with them knows, bears are pretty capable mammals. They're particularly adept at getting into things that are, typically, reserved for human use, likes houses and vehicles. Last month, we shared a video of a big ol' black bear spooking a family by opening the car door while they drove through a National Park. This latest video isn't quite as much of a close encounter, but it's worth viewing all the same.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's department in Colorado, two deputies were recently dispatched to respond to a call about a bear that had managed to lock itself inside a Subaru. The door, apparently, closed behind the bruin, which panicked a bit. We're imagining that the owners of the Subaru will be preparing a very interesting claim for their insurance company.

Anyway, the two responding deputies took some video of their encounter. It's embedded above.


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