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Watch: Spooked Bear Nearly Tramples Turkey Hunter

I've mentioned before that turkey hunters put themselves at risk. Heck, earlier this spring we shared the video of a Texas hunter who had a snake nearly slither right up his pants. The woods are awfully active in the spring, and those of us who hunt gobblers often find ourselves right in the middle of things—and seated firmly on the ground, no less.

This latest video (which is embedded above) isn't reptile-related, but it's another close shave. In a video that the owner claims was filmed in Pennsylvania, a turkey hunter nearly gets run over by a black bear. No, this isn't a bear charging the hunter himself—the bruin's just spooked by something on the horizon, and doesn't seem to realize that it sprints within feet of whoever is holding the camera. The audio isn't great, but it sounds to me like there may be a barking dog or something of that nature in the distance, which is enough to get the bear moving.

According to the description that's paired with the video, the hunter continued on with his turkey hunting, and later called in a tom—though not close enough to score a kill. An exciting morning, to say the least.

Like I said, the video's embedded above. I'd encourage you to give it a look.

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