Jaguar Captured on Trail Camera in Arizona

The Arizona Game and Fish Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have received a photograph of a jaguar taken by a Fort Huachuca trail camera in the Huachuca Mountains.

Watch: Bear Locks Itself Inside Subaru

As anyone who has dealt with them knows, bears are pretty capable mammals. They're particularly adept at getting into things that are, typically, reserved for human use, likes houses and vehicles. Last month, we shared a video of a big ol' black bear spooking a family by opening the car door while they drove through a National Park. This latest video isn't quite as much of a close encounter, but it's worth viewing all the same.

Watch: Campers Wake Up to Lions Licking Tent

When you go camping, you're putting yourself smack dab in the middle of nature. When you go camping in Africa, that nature is often full of some of the world's largest, most dangerous critters. A few sightseers in Africa's Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park recently had the wake-up call of a lifetime, courtesy of a couple of the aforementioned critters.

Watch: Spooked Bear Nearly Tramples Turkey Hunter

Where does a couple hundred pound black bear go? Wherever it wants.

Bear Goes Back to School, Gets Tranquilized

A Florida black bear made a surprise visit to an elementary school campus earlier this week near Fort Myers.

Watch: Conservation Officer Has Up-Close Encounter with Trapped Mountain Lion

North America's biggest cats are elusive beasts and, as such, not a lot of folks have ever had an up-close and personal encounter with one. The same can't be said for at least one Utah conservation officer, based on the video we've embedded here.

Tennessee Poachers Receive Nationwide Lifetime Hunting Ban

Two Tennessee men have lost their hunting privileges, both locally and throughout much of the United States, for the remainder of their lives after being found guilty of killing more than 40 whitetail deer out of season.

Idaho Hunter Kills Mountain Lion with Teeth in Forehead

A mountain lion—any mountain lion—is a trophy all its own. But one Idaho hunter earned himself a truly unique big cat earlier this season.

Ohio Police Officers Save Bucks from Cistern

Bucks can turn up in the most darnedest place during the rut—but it's not often that you see something like this.

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