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4 Tips for Hunting Bachelor Bulls

Contributor John Haviland gives late season elk hunters some tips on finding big, bachelor bulls.

4 Tips for Hunting Bachelor Bull Elk

Here are four tips for hunting big bachelor bulls after the rut from finding where they are, to taking up their track and making a final approach.

The Antelope Approach

On the wide-open Western plains pronghorn antelope, the second-fastest land animals on Earth, use distance as a buffer from danger. It’s wise to admit a truck is best used to locate herds. But reality is boots will need to hit the ground to close the deal.

Here-and-There Elk

To hunt North America’s regal antlered game, you must realize you will walk—a lot.

Winchester Blind Side

Blind Side’s Diamond Cut wad stays with the pellets longer, providing denser patterns that are responsive to choke.

A New Ruling for the .30-06 Sprg.

Loaded with today’s 150-grain bullets, the .30-’06 Sprg. is ready for big game from antelope to elk.


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