NYC Mayor Wants $2 Million for Deer Vasectomies?

It’s ludicrous, but it’s no joke. Mayor Bill de Blasio wants $2 million to conduct deer vasectomies on Long Island and control expanding deer populations—a job that American hunters would do for free!

Neon NYC Billboard Exposes HSUS’ Fraudulent Fundraising

New York City’s Time Square is certainly packed with billboards, but here’s a neon pink one you can’t miss as HumaneWatch.org calls out the HSUS for its lies and deception.

NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits Roundup

The 145th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits have come and gone. Official estimates say more than 80,000 NRA members packed the Kentucky Exposition Center over the weekend, and we can't thank y'all enough. Here's a quick roundup of some of the coverage the AmericanHunter.org team produced during the show.

American Freedom Rings at NRA's Toby Keith Concert

The NRA knows how to put on a show as last night's "NRA Presents Toby Keith" concert in Louisville, Ky., showcased epic entertainment at the 145th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

NRA Women's Leadership Forum Fuels Bright Future for NRA

The like-minded women of the NRA are bringing new life and new energy into the organization in the name of freedom and friendship.

NRA Lays Groundwork to Thwart Animal Rights Movement

The NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum rallies the troops and reaffirms its commitment as the financial backbone needed to win America's culture war on hunting.

African NGO Stands with NRA to Fight Animal Rights Extremism

As American hunters fight animal rights extremism on the home front, halfway across the world South Africa’s True Green Alliance is doing its part to save the future of hunting and wildlife conservation.

The Naturals: Houston Couple Combines Forces to Protect Hunting

When it comes to active NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum members John and Melanie Pepper, the duo continues to combine its influence to serve as twice the powerhouse in protecting hunting’s future.

July Anti-Hunting Rally in D.C. Marks Call to Action for American Hunters

The "Cecil 2016" rally in Washington, D.C., on July 30 shows why what happens in Africa is so relevant to American hunters as antis prep to tout their extremist agenda.

Tanzania Recognizes U.S. Safari Company for Pumping Millions into Conservation

Chalk up another win for the U.S. home team as Texas' Friedkin Family Companies showcase how American hunters remain at the forefront of conservation as it receives 30-year concessions in Tanzania in recognition of its leadership and donations in excess of $300 million.

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