Member's Hunt: Alaska Birthday Combo Hunt

Our latest "Member's Hunt" submission comes from Ernie Hedrick of Collegeville, Pa.

Member's Hunt: My First Hunting Trips in My New Life

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Gary Miketa of Pueblo, Colo. 

Literature: The Lionized Tiger Hunter

How Jim Corbett took on man-eating tigers.

Therapy for the Aging Hunter

Hunting is a way of life, no matter your age.

Country You Need to See

In western Canada’s mountains, great game and hunting traditions come together.

Africa: Dreams Are Not Enough

Stories from Africa had inspired the author for too long. Finally, after raising a family and toiling in a dual career, it came time to replace a dream with reality.

How To Plan A First Hunt in Africa

Sometimes, dreams aren't enough. Here's how you can plan that first trip to the Dark Continent.

Sunshine State Hogs: America’s Original Invasive Species

After deer, hogs are Florida’s next most popular big-game quarry, and compared to most other hog states, the wild porkers are a close second.

So You Want to Hunt Sheep…

In land we long to visit but is not made for us, “comfort” is a relative term. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a sheep hunter? Read some words of wisdom from a Fairbanks, Alaska, resident with 13 years of sheep hunting under his belt.

The Backpack Hunter

The quintessential escape, the ultimate challenge, the pinnacle of adventure—that’s a backpack hunt.

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