Head to Head: 8x57 Mauser vs. .318 Westley Richards

Both cartridges are classics, have been used for all sorts of game and are easy on the shoulder, but which offers the best performance for hunters? Contributor Philip Massaro compares the two and picks the winner.

5 Rifle Cartridges You Might Not Know About

The list of available rifle cartridges is a long one, even if we only consider those that the rifle companies currently chamber for. We've dug up five of the more obscure offerings, and have to ask: Have you heard of them?

How to Build a Custom Rifle

Want to build a custom rifle but don't know where to start? Contributor Philip Massaro offers a few tips he learned throughout the process.

Double Time

Zimbabwe’s Sengwa River may have dried up, but a Cape buffalo hunt along its banks provides meat to quell rumors that the game populations of the Chirisa Safari Area have dried up along with it.


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