Tips For Hunting Pre Rut Mule Deer Lead

Tips for Hunting Pre-Rut Mule Deer

Just before the breeding season bucks make seemingly random decisions, forcing us to analyze their habitat’s food, water and cover and how each factor influences their behavior.

How to Deer Hunt Each Week of the Rut

Here’s a game plan for each phase of the whitetail rut.

Study Up to Find Your Rut Stand

Again and again, GPS-collar movement studies of whitetails find that mature bucks are individuals. There are types, sure. Just as some middle-aged men are homebodies and others like to be out and about, there are categories we can put bucks in—but that really doesn’t help you decipher the specific pattern of an individual deer.

12 Tips for the Rut

During the rut, the bucks themselves may not always know where they will be next, so how can you expect to know? Luck will always play a role in your success, but when you play the odds and focus on those things that are predictable, luck will find you a whole lot sooner.

The Rut Hunter’s Trifecta

Maybe you have a sure-thing rut stand, a place of your own where pleasant memories of big bucks tagged play in your head like a deer-hunting show marathon. Good for you. Now go away; this is for the rest of us who must constantly scout, look for new properties and put in the time for our dream bucks.


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