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A Favorite Pheasant Recipe

After knocking down a few roosters over my little setter, I decided to resurrect an...

The .30 TC

Alzada, MT—Thompson/Center’s first headstamped cartridge—the .30 TC—is hardly new. In fact, it was announced several...

Honing Your Shooting Skills

Most of us are guilty of allowing our shooting skills to deteriorate. I am guilty...

Trophy Dreams

I have just returned from my first scouting trip for the season. Out here in...

Missing Can Make You a Better Shot

Missing Can Make You a Better Shot

Varmint Grenades

Barnes Bullets, the Utah based manufacturer of lead-free bullets, has a new 62-grain 6 mm/.243-caliber...

Gunslingers of the Cape

Taking on plains game in South Africa with a handgun spices up an already interesting...

Never Forget Safety

It’s happened again. A hunter accidentally shot and killed his guide on a brown bear...

The Romance of the Lever Gun

For those of us born in the middle of the last century there is a...

CCI’s Green Ammo

CCI gets the lead out of some of its rimfire hunting ammunition.

Running Single Actions

Think you’re good with a thumb-buster? Try shooting fast.

Fun on the Cheap

If your idea of fun is sending a lot of rounds downrange in a short...

Huntin' Sheds

Time to start burning off some winter fat.

Lesson No. 5: Post-Season Scouting

It’s time to take inventory and prepare for next year’s hunt.

Lesson No. 4: Ground Blinds

There's no need to be uncomfortable when you are hunting.

How to Can Game Meat

Here's another way to enjoy your fall harvest.

How to Make Wild Game Sausage

Here's a great way to enjoy your next deer or pronghorn.

Overcoming Your Fear of the Long Shot

Like most fears, shooting at long distance targets is mostly mental.

America’s All-Around Cartridges

The game could be whitetails in the East, elk in the West, or anything from...
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