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Recipe: Venison Rouladen

Repurpose your roast by turning it into rouladen.

Top 13 Moose Cartridges

As an Alaskan, Cork Graham has seen a number of moose taken with a variety...

Country You Need to See

In western Canada’s mountains, great game and hunting traditions come together.

Federal Premium Launches Edge TLR

Federal continues its advancements in bullet and ammunition technology with the release of the Edge...

Behind the Bullet: .35 Whelen

“Only accurate rifles are interesting.” So goes the quote from Col. Townsend Whelen, and he...

Recipe: German-Style Goulash

A good goulash is made from the dense muscle cuts of the hinds, or rounds,...

Therapy for the Aging Hunter

Hunting is a way of life, no matter your age.

To Pee or Not to Pee ...

For decades, deer hunters have used deer urine and other scent-based products to lure bucks...

Recipe: Venison Irish Stew

Hunters making Irish stew can’t go wrong with neck, hock, flank, or even cubed center...

6 Underrated Whitetail States

Think that you know where all the big bucks are? You might be surprised.

The Wonderful 6.5's

With the exception of the 7mm, American hunters haven't been crazy about metric-caliber rifle cartridges....

Sage Grouse Live!

Sage grouse, prairie chickens and sharptails have disappeared from parts of our country where they...

5 Reasons to Book an African Plains Game Safari Now

Here are five reasons why you need to book an African plains game hunt now.

Top 5 Lever-Action Rifles of All Time

Everyone loves a lever gun. Here are five of the finest ever made.

Newbie’s Luck in Newfoundland

Canada’s island province delivers a first-ever caribou … and a hard lesson in moose hunting.

Top 10 Mythical Game Species

Big game hunting is a fantastic proposition, from deer to elk to moose to hippo...

Top 5 Monometal Soft-Point Bullets

The idea of a bullet lacking lead core is a relatively new one, yet it’s...

Watch: Moose Hit By Car, Walks Away

A video from Colorado shows a moose coming face to face with a oncoming Jeep—and...
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