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Must-Have Snow Goose Gear

Are you preparing to take advantage of the Light Goose Conservation Order and help save...

Double Duty Carbine

Can a rifle really be optimized for hunting and home defense, at the same time?...

2016's Top New Shotguns

Associate Editor Jon Draper takes a look at some of 2016's top new shotgun offerings.

Video: Browning's New Line of Ammunition

Late in 2015, Browning shocked the industry with the announcement that it would be offering...

Franchi's Catalyst Shotguns

Finding the right shotgun fit means everything, but it's exceptionally difficult if you're sporting a...

Hardware: Weatherby Element Deluxe

Weatherby is known for rifles, but the company has darn nice shotguns, too.

Gear for Flooded Timber

Planning on hunting the flooded timber? Here's the gear you'll need.

How to Select the Best Choke for Your Hunting Situation

Rifle hunters are well versed in the importance of sighting-in, but most smooth-bore hunters have...

Light Is Right

Here’s why lightweight, fast-moving steel waterfowl loads are preferable to heavier, slow-advancing ones.

Building the Ultimate Duck Gun

There are a variety of waterfowl shotguns available today that are plenty good, but it's...

Shotgunning 101

A beginner’s guide to successful wingshooting.

Reviving the Ole’ Fowlers

These shotshells enable your field-proven, vintage shotgun to safely return to waterfowling greatness.

Browning Ammunition

The iconic company is introducing a new generation of ammo for a new generation of...

South American Safari

Take 1,500 pounds of buffalo … with a handgun.

Hardware: Franchi Intensity

The Franchi Intensity, in many ways, delivers on its name. It capitalizes on some of...

Gundogs: Fat is Where It’s At

We’ve all been there. Opening day. The sun is shining, birds are calling and our...

The Terrific Twenty

Pair today’s newest, high-performance, turkey-specific ammunition with “premium,” aftermarket choke tubes and the 20 gauge...

Making Tracks: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-size pickup that originally was outfitted with an inline five-cylinder...

Shoot. Conserve. Repeat. Recap.

Associate Editor Jon Draper puts the wraps on he and Web Managing Editor Shawn Skipper's...

Hevi-Shot Hog Wild

As feral hog hunting has surged in popularity across the country, ammunition manufacturers have responded...
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