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Searching for an Oregon Ghost

Prowling our 33rd state proves the secretive blacktail is a hard-earned trophy.

Elk Calling in the 21st Century

Real “experts” don’t let commonly held dogmas corral them. They’re out-of-the-box thinkers. They understand and...

Scout Mule Deer Now

Hunters who pursue the monarchs of the West for the first time face steep learning...

How to Hunt For Bear and Actually See One

If you’re a bear hunter desperately searching for a way to up your odds, head...

Best Spring Bear Areas

Planning your spring black bear hunt? Here's where you need to be.

Federal Management in Question as Wolves Sport-Kill 19 Elk in One Attack?

Wyoming wolf pack's recent killing spree begs the question: Is USFWS management of wolves going...

Ask a Whitetail Outfitter

It .223 enough to take down a deer? What's the best stage of the rut...

Have Gun, Will Hike for Food

A backpack hunt in northwestern Namibia affords the author and his party an up-close-and-personal view...

Know-How: Backtrack a Post-Season Buck

We all know mature whitetail bucks can be elusive, even nocturnal, but when you track...

Mistakes of a Mountain Buck Hunter

Still haven't tagged out this season? Here are a few mistakes you may be making.

The Patterning Process: Part II

Field Editor Bill Winke shares the results of his fall 2015 patterning efforts.

Top 5 Scents for Deer

When used appropriately, scents can be an effective way to attract a whitetail or, at...

Into the Timber for Whitetails

After several years of study in “whitetail university” among the oak-covered landscape of his small...

Your Post-Opening Day Playbook

Opening day has come and gone. What now? Frank Miniter offers a few pointers.

Know-How: Make-or-Break Stand Setups

Being ready for the rut starts with knowing where to place your treestand—and why.

The Rut Hunter’s Trifecta

Maybe you have a sure-thing rut stand, a place of your own where pleasant memories...

5 Key Factors for Killing Mountain Bucks

Your typical “Mountain” buck is different than most of the deer you see on television...

North Georgia Hat Trick

In spite of ‘Towsley’s Luck,’ do-it-yourself hunts sometimes do work out.

Waning Odds

Perhaps the West’s most sought after big-game species, mule deer continue to prove they are...

Weigh the Odds in October

This is the deer hunter’s calculation. You ask yourself if there are low-impact entry and...
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