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Upland East Tactics for 2017

Surprising upland opportunities abound in the East. But the wisdom to find them is fading...

Advantage, Alberta

In southern Alberta, good wildlife management, productive habitat and strong genetics combine to create a...

Anti-Hunting Billboard Misleads Park Visitors

A billboard reading, “Wanna see bears? SAY NO! TO TROPHY HUNTING,” was spotted by NRAHLF.org...

Behind the Bullet: .222 Remington

Though the .223 Remington has stolen the limelight—military adopted cartridges tend to do that after...

USFWS Rules to Delist Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

After 42 years of federal protection, the USFWS has ruled to remove the Yellowstone grizzly...

Making Trophy Poachers Pay

Some trophy poachers shock you with their chutzpah.

Court of Appeals Rules to Lift Federal Protections on Wyoming Wolves

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled to lift federal...

Country You Need to See

In western Canada’s mountains, great game and hunting traditions come together.

Therapy for the Aging Hunter

Hunting is a way of life, no matter your age.

Every Flyway, My Way

Turkey hunters have the slams. Deer hunters have wall hangers. What conquest do waterfowlers have?...

Scopes, Sights and Good Intentions: Part I

Hunters have rules for rifles that have been established for decades. But is it time...

Field Test: Browning's Hell's Canyon Lineup

Editor in Chief J. Scott Olmsted had the opportunity to put Browning's new Hell's Canyon...

The Deer Beneath Devils Tower

Editor in Chief J. Scott Olmsted recounts the tail of his recent whitetail hunt in...

6 Underrated Whitetail States

Think that you know where all the big bucks are? You might be surprised.

Unconventional Hunting Hotspots

Searching for a place to hunt this fall? Here are some suggestions.

How to Put the Sneak on Elk and Elk Hunters

If you think you’ll have elk country to yourself, think again. It’s as crowded as...

Member's Hunt: Greatest Hunt Ever

This latest Member's Hunt submission comes from John Bowlin of Delphi, Ind.

Here-and-There Elk

To hunt North America’s regal antlered game, you must realize you will walk—a lot.

Pronghorn Camp

High plains, Indian summer; infinite sky, a sea of grass. Let’s pitch our tents, break...
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