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Recipe: Sparky’s Grilled Goose

The key to great goose is in the processing and the cooking. Here's a how-to...

Recipe: Venison Irish Stew

Hunters making Irish stew can’t go wrong with neck, hock, flank, or even cubed center...

Searching for an Oregon Ghost

Prowling our 33rd state proves the secretive blacktail is a hard-earned trophy.

Here-and-There Elk

To hunt North America’s regal antlered game, you must realize you will walk—a lot.

Adventure: A Lamb in Pursuit of Sheep

A hunt-of-a-lifetime comes down to the last day in Alaska’s Brooks Range.

How to Can Venison

Once freezers became a fixture in the modern household the old ways of preserving food...

To the Coldest Goes the Spoils

South Dakota is famous for a raucous motorcycle rally, Mt. Rushmore and pheasant hunting. But...

Take Your Pick: 2016 Great American Outdoor Show Preview

Great American Outdoor Show offers hunting, shooting and more for the entire family.

Bobcats Come Creeping

Bobcats are where you find them, and you find them mostly where they want to...

Know-How: Stop Geese Cold

Hunt cold-weather water sources and your late-season success on geese could heat up dramatically.

Know-How: So You Wanna Call Predators?

Predator hunting in winter is about being charged by hungry coyotes that are under the...

Why Did the Yankee Travel South in Winter?

Simple pleasures: That’s what deer hunting with friends is all about.

Member's Hunt: Veterans Day Buck Hunt

David A. Lien of Colorado Springs shares the story of a Veterans Day whitetail adventure...

Elk: Where Legend Meets Luck

The success of the author’s first elk hunt depended on skill, his guide, a second...

Suppressed Success

Hunting the Alaska-Yukon moose, the largest ungulate in the world, becomes a distinctly modern endeavor...

Prowling Felines: Trouble on Many Fronts

Feral cats cause widespread problems in rural, urban and suburban areas. They not only kill...

The Animal Time Forgot

The author wanted no part of a muskox hunt in temperatures below zero. But in...

Hardware: Trijicon HD 8x42

The world is so full of binoculars these days the choices become bewildering, especially since...

Manitoba Blast n' Cast: The Bears Win

Web Managing Editor Shawn Skipper wraps up his Manitoba black bear hunt.

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation: Chasing Redheads In the Sunny South

By late December in Bryce Towsley's home state of Vermont, the ducks are gone. Unlike...
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