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Top 7 Deer Bullets for the .308 Win.

Looking for a “different” deer bullet for your treasured .308 Win? Here are seven superlatives.

Behind the Bullet: .41 Remington Magnum

The .41 Rem. Mag. suffers from the lost-middle-child syndrome; it lives in the shadow of...

Behind the Bullet: .470 Nitro Express

The .470 Nitro Express has proven itself as a perfect choice for truly large game...

Review: Legendary Arms Works Capra Rifle

Contributor Philip Massaro takes a look at the new Capra bolt-action rifle from Legendary Arms...

Federal Premium to Offer Trophy Bonded Tip as a Component Bullet

Federal Premium has announced that it will be offering its Trophy Bonded Tip as a...

Behind the Bullet: .404 Jeffery

Why would a dangerous game hunter choose a .404 Jeffery over a .416 or a...

Hodgdon Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Hodgdon Powder Company is turning 70 in 2017.

The Wonderful 6.5's

With the exception of the 7mm, American hunters haven't been crazy about metric-caliber rifle cartridges....

Time for a Ten

Within its realm, the “mighty” 10-gauge shotgun is unbeatable.

5 Reasons to Handload Your Ammunition

Get serious about DIY—start handloading.

Top 5 Boutique Bullet Companies

As a handloader, AH contributor Philip Massaro has a love for projectiles. Here are five...

Turkey Gear of the Pros

What shotgun, choke, and shotshell combinations do well-known outdoor personalities use? Read on.

Hardware: Hornady Custom Lite

Newton’s third law of motion pronounces that to every action there is always opposed an...

Adapting Cases for the Hornady “OAL Gauge”

A key step of careful handloading is to determine the ideal overall cartridge length (OAL)...

A History of Weatherby: ‘Tomorrow’s Rifles Today’

Roy Weatherby’s pursuit of hyper-velocity in elegant rifles sealed his slogan. Weatherby rifles shot flat...

Book Review: The Practical Guide to Reloading

Keith Wood takes a closer look at Nathan Foster's "The Practical Guide to Reloading."

Transporting Loaded Ammo

Dave Campbell shares a few poignant tips regarding traveling with ammunition.


Today relatively few handloaders take the time to anneal their case necks. Dave Campbell is...

Crimps Are a Pain

Dave Campbell's not sure who declared that crimping primers in place is necessary, but he's...

New from Norma

Norma cartridge cases are known worldwide for superior quality, and now they're going to be...
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