#SundayGunday: Our Top 5 Guns of 2021

posted on December 26, 2021
SG Top 5 Guns Of 2021 Lead

This Sunday, as everyone enjoys the nice holiday lull between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we here at American Hunter thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a rearward glance toward five of our top #SundayGunday guns of 2021. Unlike last year, the top five includes a fairly diverse bunch of firearms, with lever-actions, bolt guns and even an MSR-style shotgun on the list. Read on to see if any of your personal favorites made the cut. 

Mossberg 464 Pistol Grip

1. #SundayGunday: Mossberg 464 Pistol Grip
While lever-guns may not have been the runaway favorite this year, they did still snag the two top slots. This week saw us test out the Mossberg 464, an interesting lever-action rifle that sports a pistol grip instead of the traditionally straight-gripped rifle stock. Chambered in .30-30 Winchester, this quick-handling rifle is perfect for rested or offhand shots in the thick Eastern deer woods. 

Marlin Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle

2. #SundayGunday: Marlin Model 1894
The second lever-action in our lineup, the Marlin Model 1894 is a .44 Remington Magnum-chambered hunter, with a deep-blued receiver and a walnut stock. Atop a 20-inch barrel sits an adjustable, folding semi-buckhorn rear sight, and a hooded, brass-bead front. This traditional lever gun is another great option for hunter with an eye for classic lines, but a need for performance.

Winchester XPR Stealth SR Bolt Action Rifle

3. #SundayGunday: Winchester XPR Stealth SR
The first bolt gun on our list is the Winchester XPR Stealth SR. A new variation of the Winchester XPR, this model lives up to its stealthy moniker thanks to a suppressor-ready threaded barrel, and a Teflon coated bolt that runs smooth and silent. The barrel has also been cut to 16.5-inches, for maximum portability in the field.

Rock Island Armory VR80 Shotgun

4. #SundayGunday: Rock Island Armory VR80
The definite outlier on our list, the VR80, from Rock Island Armory Imports, is a semi-automatic, gas operated shotgun with ergonomics that will be familiar to any AR-15 aficionado. Decked out in Realtree Timber camo, the gun would make an excellent turkey slayer, particularly with a red-dot mounted atop its Picatinny rail.

Winchester Model 70 Long Range MB Bolt Action Rifle

5. #SundayGunday: Winchester Model 70 Long Range MB
A precision-minded variant of the rifleman's rifle, the Winchester Model 70 Long Range MB boasts a Bell and Carlson Extreme Weather stock, with attributes that make it both stable and capable of handling a drastic range of temperatures and weather conditions. A jeweled finish on the bolt keeps follow-up shots smooth, an MOA trigger system enhances accuracy, and the 24-inch fluted barrel keeps weight to a minimum, while still retaining rigidity. This is a true long-range hunting gun.

For more #SundayGunday, check out our playlist on YouTube, where all previous episodes are archived. 


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