Savage Arms Announces Sponsorship of NRL Hunter Series Matches

posted on January 26, 2022
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Savage Arms is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the National Rifle League (NRL) Hunter Series—an evolving rifle competition that challenges participants with exciting ways to practice shooting skills in hunting-like conditions.

“As much as we’d all like to be out hunting all the time, that’s not the way it happens,” said Beth Shimanski, director of marketing at Savage Arms. “But the NRL Hunter Series builds dynamic hunting scenarios into a shooting competition format, allowing participants to develop practical skills while competing in realistic conditions. Savage is pleased to be a sponsor of these events and to have Savage rifles in the approved list of firearms participants can use to compete.”

“Savage has long been a leader in the hunting community,” Travis Ishida, president of the NRL, said. “Their drive and innovation has catapulted them to continuously adapt to needs and demands of hunters. Today’s modern hunter is evolving, and Savage is listening. We are very excited to have their support as we continue to train hunters to become better marksman through competition.”

NRL Hunter Series Matches consist of 12 or more stages, each with four target engagements. Match directors replicate hunting scenarios which may be encountered in the regions which their matches are held or test the shooter’s skillset in a field scenario.

The NRL’s rules limit the ways factory rifles can be modified for competition. AccuTrigger, AccuFit, and AccuStock all come standard on many Savage rifles, making these legal options for competitors that want adjustable fit and control of trigger weight on rifles that meet the NRL’s demanding factory qualifications.

More information about the NRL Hunter Series can be found at


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