First Look: Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope

posted on June 6, 2017

Burris rolled out its new Signature HD series of optics at SHOT Show 2017, and its wares are starting to find their way to dealer's shelves. I recently had the opportunity to work with the new Signature HD 20-60x85mm Spotting Scope. Here are five things you need to know.

It features HD lenses and an apochromatic lens system.
What that means is that you won’t have to deal with any color-fringing, and that you’ll get edge-to-edge resolution at any magnification. There’s also a built-in sun shade that’s meant to reduce glare and protect the objective lens from precipitation.

It’s FastFire compatible.
Burris likes to build optics that cater to its FastFire red dot, and the Signature Series HD Spotting Scope is no different. Two attachment points, on either side of the Signature HD, are provided. What good does that do? Simple: Attach your FastFire to your spotting scope, and use it to initially acquire whatever your target may be—game animal, steel target or otherwise. Then take a closer look using your spotting scope, without ever getting lost in the magnification. Alas, the FastFire is sold separately.

Optional fixed eyepieces are available.
Burris has already released three fixed-power 30x eyepieces that are easy to install on the Signature HD Spotting Scope. One features no reticle, another has an SCR Mil reticle and the third has an SCR MOA reticle.

It’s tough.
The die-cast magnesium body is armored for extra protection, and Argon gas purging has been applied to ensure waterproof and fog proof performance. The Signature HD is a pretty tough cookie—that much was easy to tell, right out of the box.

It ships with a neoprene carry case and protective cover.
The Signature HD’s thick neoprene cover will keep your spotting scope dry, clean and protected from the elements. It’s custom fitted to the scope, and has removable lens covers and openings that let you use your scope without needing to remove the cover. There are also attachment points for the included carry strap.

Want to know more? Keep your eyes peeled for the August 2017 print edition of American Hunter later this summer, which will feature a full "Hardware" on the Signature HD Spotting Scope.


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