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Bookshelf: 3 Must-Read Books for Summer 2017

Bookshelf: 3 Must-Read Books for Summer 2017

There’s a lot more to Jim Zumbo than the words he’s penned, TV shows he’s hosted and seminars he’s given during his 50-plus years as an outdoor communicator. Author K.J. Houtman explores his life story in Zumbo, from his boyhood in upstate New York and his first deer in Utah to his worldwide hunting adventures as an iconic member of the outdoor media. The biography details (with R-rated language in places) Zumbo’s successes and regrets—both career-related and personal—and reveals how through humility he overcame a disastrous misstep. MSRP: $29.99 (paperback).

"Frontier World: A Modern Wagon Train Adventure"
In his first novel, Frontier World: A Modern Wagon Train Adventure, Bob Nosler (yes, the president and CEO of the ammo company) provides readers with a fictional account of 14 individuals that embark on a present-day “vacation” riding on the old wagon trails of the West. Along the way, the group must deal with the harsh realities that characterized frontier life in the early 1800s. The tale highlights the hazards found on the trail and includes a few intriguingly realistic hunting subplots. All this creates an
exhilarating yet well-paced read. MSRP: $7.99 (Kindle edition).

"Tiger Hunter"
Inspired by true events that took place in 1939, Tiger Hunter, by Gregory E. Tinsley, follows the legendary Jim Corbett through the remote mountains of India as he seeks to dispatch a man-eating tigress and leopard—with an anti-hunting journalist on assignment in tow. Here’s a thriller with plenty of conflict, a few nods toward famous firearms and some interesting tidbits of history, too. The book’s style and tempo separates it from other exotic hunting stories, and will leave readers marveling at the main character’s coolness under pressure. MSRP: $19 (paperback).

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