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Video: Mountain Lion Crashes Through Window, Lands on Woman

Mountain lions have been known to pop up in strange places from time to time—particularly in California, where humans and big cats often share densely populated home regions. Cougars have been known to visit the Hollywood sign, for example, or even join families for a stroll through the park. Earlier this month, though, one woman had a far closer encounter than she'd have liked when a lion came crashing through the window of her suburban home.

According to FOX News, the unnamed woman was sleeping when the cougar came crashing through the window over her bed. Fortunately, the panicked cat wanted nothing to do with the apartment's occupant, who allegedly remained calm and simply opened her back door to let the cat out. Power to her.

County wildlife officials have investigated the incident. Security camera footage from the area shows the mountain lion running across a street in front of a truck, crashing into the door to a bowling alley, and running across the apartment building's parking lot before entering the woman's unit. It's wild stuff. You can see the footage in the video embedded above.

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