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First Look: Nikon Monarch 7i VR Laser Rangefinder

First Look: Nikon Monarch 7i VR Laser Rangefinder

Nikon Sport Optics' newest offering is the Monarch 7i VR Laser Rangefinder. Nikon says it is the first ranging optic to compensate for the human body's physical inability to be completely still. This is accomplished through Nikon’s new VR (Vibration Reduction) Technology. Here are five things you need to know.

1. Meet Vibration Reduction Technology.
With a rangefinder to the hunter’s eye, even the slightest hand shake or tremble can cause that animal you are ranging to bounce like crazy, especially at longer distances. That movement makes it near impossible to acquire an accurate reading. But the VR Technology compensates for these vibrations so the object remains steady, even out to 1,000 yards, for more accurate readings.

2. The 7i VR features a 6-power viewfinder.
The viewfinder simultaneously aligns the viewed image with the irradiated beam for a faster, more precise ranging compared to other rangefinders.

3. The VR function activates automatically.
The VR Function begins immediately when the laser rangefinder is turned on, so no time’s wasted toggling between settings. Holding down the ranging button allows the user to continuously scan for 8 seconds. A fast measurement is received (in approximately half a second), regardless of the distance, thanks to Nikon's Hyper Read technology.

4. Two ranging modes are available.
“Tru-Target Technology” lets you choose between two different ranging modes depending on the situation. First target priority mode allows you to range an object as small as a fence post, while distant target priority mode displays the range of the farthest target among a group of targets measured.

5. It's high-quality.
The Monarch 7i VR can range from 8 yards all the way out to 1,000 yards, and displays in 0.1-yard increments. Nikon rates the unit as a ½-yard accurate out to 700 yards, and 1-yard at 700 yards plus. It has a wide, 7.5 degree field of view, and a large 18mm ocular opening. Waterproof and fogproof, the battery chamber is rainproof, too. Runs on one CR-2 lithium battery (included).

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