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CCI Suppressor 22 Long Rifle

CCI Suppressor 22 Long Rifle

CCI hit one out of the park last year with its Quiet-22, and is trying to do much the same with its new Suppressor 22 Long Rifle

A specialized load designed exclusively suppressed firearms in mind, the new .22LR load produces a subsonic velocity that further reduces noise. It features a hollow-point bullet design that expand reliably for excellent terminal performance. Its clean-burning powders are capable of minimizing blow-black and make firearm cleaning a breeze.

Features & Benefits
• Subsonic velocity of 970 fps minimizes sound signature through suppressed firearms
• Hollow-point bullet consistently expands at low velocities
• Excellent accuracy
• Consistent function in semiautomatic firearms
• Clean-burning powders

You can get a closer look at the new load with the video embedded below.

For more information, go to CCI-Ammunition.com.

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