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New Product: Black Cloud Snow Goose

New Product: Black Cloud Snow Goose

Federal Premium Black Cloud ammunition announces new loads designed especially for snow goose hunters. The new 1-1/8 ounce, 3" 12-gauge loads feature a muzzle velocity of 1635 fps for added effective range.

Snow goose hunters go to great lengths to pursue these wary birds. They need ammunition that they can count on when opportunities arise. These new Black Cloud loads feature the same proven Flite Control Wad and Flite Stopper (FS) Steel to hit geese at longer ranges.

The patent pending FS Steel features a cutting edge that rips and tears on impact. The Flite Control wad keeps the payload of standard steel (60%) and FS Steel (40%) together longer. This helps improve downrange velocity, energy and extends the effective range.

This load will be available in 2010. For more information on Black Cloud Snow Goose, and the entire Black Cloud line, click here.

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