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2 Responses to Testing Winchester's Long Beard XR

RyDaddy wrote:
April 28, 2014

The video would be nice to see, but I am looking for some insight on this load. Anybody have a problem with them? In my round of testing myself, the resin didn't hardly break up; I punched a 1/2' hole through the turkey target at 50 yds like I had fired a deer slug, with a couple stray pellets that did break off, maybe a half dozen, scattered about. Is it my choke or gun? Its a Rem 870, I couldn't even tell you what the choke is, if any, I've never changed it from the factory piece when I got the gun in ~1991 as a Christmas gift from mom & dad. :)

Larry Bainter wrote:
January 31, 2014

Video for Long Beard does not load