Shooting the New Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor

Field Editor Brian McCombie had a chance to put SilencerCo's new Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor to good use. How does it sound and feel? Find out here.

When I first saw SilencerCo’s new shotgun suppressor, the Salvo 12, I had no doubt it would effectively muffle the blast of a shotgun. I’ve used SilencerCo suppressors a number of times, and they’ve all done a great job of reducing muzzle blast to ear-safe levels. But the Salvo 12 initially looked so ungainly I assumed it would be awkward as heck to use. Certainly, for the wingshooter, it would be like swinging a stick with a bread box tied to the end. Right?

I was wrong.

I used the Salvo 12 yesterday on a Benelli 12-gauge several times, equipped with the largest of the Salvo models, the 12-inch version, and discovered that it was actually fairly easy to point and shoot at moving targets with this rig. It took some practice, of course, as the weight on the end of the barrel does shift your balance point. But by the second and third round of clay pigeons, I and others here in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the launch of the Salvo 12, were noticeably improved shooters—and knocking down more pigeons with each round.

Plus, we weren’t using hearing protection. Out in the open, the shotguns sounded like loud pellet rifles. Amazing. I don’t have some computerized measuring device implanted in my shoulder, but my guesstimate is the Salvo 12 reduced the shotgun’s felt recoil by 25 to 30 percent.

For hunters, the Salvo 12 promises to let us shoot without ear plugs or bulky muffs, communicate with other hunters and hear game as it is approaching. For volume shotgun shooters, the reduced recoil can only help our shoulders.

Yesterday, I used a Benelli Model M2 12-gauge, firing Federal Top Gun 23/4-inch shotshells with 11/8-ounce loads of No. 7.5 shot. I missed my first three clay pigeons, but began making hits as I got used to the different balance and swinging arc needed with this rig.

The Salvo 12 connects to a shotgun via the choke tube threading in the end of the barrel. Screw in the connector then attach the Salvo 12 to the end of that connector. Connectors will be offered in a variety of choke tube sizes, including an extra-tight choke for turkey hunters.

SilencerCo doesn’t have all the kinks worked out for the slug gun options. The Salvo 12 is designed to use slugs (as well as all wadded shotshell loads), and has been tested extensively on a wide variety of slugs. But not all new slug gun barrels have choke tube-style threading. The company is working with shotgun makers and its own design crew to come up with various options for attaching the Salvo 12 to slug barrels, smoothbore and rifled.

I will conduct a Salvo 12 field test this fall, one that will put it through its paces with both shotshells for fall turkey, and slugs for deer and hogs.

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14 Responses to Shooting the New Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor

Brian McCombie wrote:
July 30, 2014

The people at SilencerCo tell me they will have the Salvo 12 available to distributors and stores by this fall. $1,400 is the suggested retail—what it will actually sell for, I can’t say. They are in the process of testing out the Salvo 12 on as many brands of shotguns as they can (they’ve already done the major shotgun manufacturers) and will be providing a list of compatible shotguns when the Salvo 12 becomes available later this year—will also have a “where to buy” list. Check their webpage for updates. And “Thank You!” for reading my blog. BMc.

Mark wrote:
July 25, 2014

Referencing many comments here. If your state does not allow these kinds of items and you look in awe at those folks whoe CAN buy them. Don't just sit there. Don't just accept it as fate. Vote. Be vocal. Find friends and people who love what you love. Work for it and get those rights back. But DO NOT give up. Otherwise sell all your guns and take up fishin cause they have already won.

Jimmy Carter wrote:
July 25, 2014

I moved from the Crap Hole NY NY to South Carolina (Its America down here) The Deer bag limit is a 'Buck a day', no tags, no gun Nazis. And I have a silencer! I can't afford any automatic weapons, but if I could I can buy them!!!

ToddC wrote:
July 25, 2014

I might give up my double to carry something like this in the grouse woods, but it'd have to be something very short and light. My favorite shotgun only has 20' pipes on it as it is. Wouldn't want anything over 28' and would prefer 26' or less. Duck or Dove hunting would be OK as is, I suspect.

Steve wrote:
July 24, 2014

The silencer is msrp at $1400 and will require a $200 dollar tax stamp along with the current wait period of around 9 to 12 months. They are saying somewhere around fall and I would expect the stree price to be around $1200 at places like Silencershop.

Brett Antonacci wrote:
July 24, 2014

For a few thousand $$$, I'd prefer good hearing protection and a good shotgun...the rest would be for purchasing ammunition ($$$ amt.=purchase price + sales tax + transfer fee)....

Josh wrote:
July 24, 2014

MSRP is $1400 and since it is a suppressor it requires a year wait(the current avg)for a your $200 tax stamp

L.P. Brezny wrote:
July 24, 2014

Exact Top Gun Load sir? I designed the sub sonics for ATK. My load re Metro Gun TM. Note Gun digest Book of Modern Shotgunning. ( shotgun suppressors) Been building them for years.

mike wrote:
July 24, 2014

Love it, how much and where to buy?

Gary Stelter Sr. wrote:
July 24, 2014

How much help is this? It's only good for the few states that are free states. The hellhole I live in (Illinois) barely allows shotgun hunting as it is and try putting a silencer on anything here will get jail time and firearms confiscation. Believe me, I am all for them but it seems a lost cause for use by the masses.

paul wrote:
July 23, 2014


proud patriot wrote:
July 23, 2014

if that sound is true. Sign me up for one to fit all my shot guns!

CaptTurbo wrote:
July 23, 2014

I would assume that these require a class 3 stamp to purchase right?

Howard wrote:
July 23, 2014

Where to buy and cost?