Grouse Hunter Shoots, Kills Wolf at 8 Yards

A hunter was pursuing ruffed grouse with his bird dog near Park Rapids, Minn., when all heck broke loose. There was a commotion, and the dog ran back toward the hunter with a wolf hot on its heels.

"The hunter shot the wolf at about eight yards as it was coming directly at him and his dog," Minnesota state conservation officer Sam Hunter told the Minnesota Star-Tribune. "It was a frightening experience during a grouse hunting trip that will not soon be forgotten."

The wolf was killed by the charge of birdshot, presumably rather quickly at that distance.

Equally as disturbing as the attack itself are the few people in the Star-Tribune's comments section who think the hunter was wrong to protect his dog and his own life from the wolf. I don't know how someone's worldview can be so skewed as to hold such an opinion, but here are some downright hateful examples:

thisislame: He should be charged. I would like to see hunting season for dogs. We could use a lot less of them.

J_Dubya: don't believe the details of this story for one second. It sounds like the typical hunter trying to make himself sound like a man by killing animals and then creating greatly exaggerated stories of his "conquests."

betseyp: Wolves don't attack people and you d*** well know it. If you have the facts to back up your statement, I would be happy to read them. Otherwise, stop stirring the pot.

Fortunately the Minnesota DNR is governed by commonsense, and the hunter will not be cited. Minnesota law allows wolves to be shot that are an immediate threat to humans, pets or livestock, and this particular wolf met two-thirds of the criteria. Last year, the state recorded 12 legal wolf killings.

Incidentally, Minnesota's first wolf hunting-trapping season begins Nov. 3, with a quota of 400 wolves. Last month anti-hunting groups filed a lawsuit that sought to stop it, but it was defeated.

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4 Responses to Grouse Hunter Shoots, Kills Wolf at 8 Yards

Spurwing Plover wrote:
December 27, 2012

This is sure to get these ignorant flatlanders upset becuase according to all tthe junk mail they get from the various eco-wacko groups wolves are just oversized puppies

Pavel wrote:
October 18, 2012

I faced down a black bear during archery dear season several years ago in Pennsylvania. I was at full draw facing the bear for at least five minutes before he ambled off away from me. If he had charged that broadhead would probably not have stopped him. I wish I could have had a picture of him. He had two ear tags indicating he had been caught and moved before.

Dale wrote:
October 18, 2012

Another reason to always carry a gun while out in the field. Glad to hear the dog and hunter were unhurt.

Brad wrote:
October 17, 2012

I would have shot the wolf as well.Only a tree hugger wouldn't have. You have to realize there are people in this world who don't believe in self defense against two legged predators either.