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Does Gamo's New Air Rifle Meet Its Velocity Claims?

Gamo has claimed that its new air rifle will shoot a Gamo PBA Platinum pellet at 1400 fps. The BullShooters just had to put this one to the test.

The Claim
If you read American Hunter you might recall seeing the Gamo ad that claims its new MRA ShowStopper air rifle will shoot a Gamo PBA Platinum pellet at 1400 feet-per-second. There have been faster air rifles, but for a spring-piston gun in the $250 price range, this is pretty darn fast. So I tested it.

The Test
I obtained a ShowStopper Shawn Michaels (as if I had to tell you, that’s the former WWF wrestling hall-of-famer-turned Outdoor Channel host of MacMillan River Adventures) signature edition air rifle. Next I found three types of pellets, including the .177 caliber, 4.7-grain PBA Platinum pellets and fired up the ole’ chronograph.

The Results

Pellet Velocity Results:
Gamo PBA Platinum: 1358 fps
Gamo Hunter: 1090 fps
Gamo PBA: 1136 fps

The Conclusion
The PBA Platinum, which weighs almost half as much as a standard 7.6-grain pellet, achieved an average muzzle velocity of 1358 fps. It was 42 fps short of making 1400, to be exact, but 42 fps can be made up in altitude and atmospheric conditions, so I’m giving Gamo credit, especially considering many firearm ammunition products routinely fall 100-200 fps slower than company claims. I was surprised that it was that fast. 1358 is screaming for an spring-piston air rifle, and proves that the Showstopper isn’t Ralphie’s Red Ryder.

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4 Responses to Does Gamo's New Air Rifle Meet Its Velocity Claims?

will sanders wrote:
January 13, 2014

I have the Gamo Hunter Extreme, 2013 version , 177. It will shoot 1510 with the PBA platinum, Unlike what I have read , it is extremely accurate at 25 yards with those pellets . I also have an old Beeman Kodiak Magnum in 25 caliber , which has been tuned and shoots the PBA platinum at 1000 fps . I have killed two Tom Turkey's with it , head shots , one at 30, one at 40 yards with an aperature rear and fiber optic front . Also super accurate and the PBA put both Toms straight down with the head shot .I need speed for Turkeys ,with the head movement and I have no doubt the 177 at 1500 fps will drill them as well . At 25 yards , scope , bench I can put those three 177's all touching each other so that is better than I can shoot offhand .

Don wrote:
September 21, 2013

Speed is worthless without accuracy. So how accurate is the platinum pellet. Also, there are other trade offs from shooting a light pellet such as increased wind drift, less momentum (i.e. energy at the game), wear & tear on the gun.

Archie wrote:
September 20, 2013

Specs from Amazon.com for this air rifle: SPECIFICATIONS -Weight: 6.1 lbs. -Length: 45'' -Caliber:.177 -Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs. -Cocking Effort: 30 lbs. -Barrel Length: 18 in.

art wrote:
September 18, 2013

Sounds like 'TRUTH IN ADVERTISING' to me!