My Picks for this Year's Best Compound Bows

As spring springs, bows beckon! Check out the new offerings for 2014 from these top 10 companies.

Now that the snow has stopped and spring is finally springing, it’s time to get out and shoot our bows. If you find yourself in the market for a new one, check out my roundup of the year’s top compounds. Bowhunters will be pleased to learn that technology has made our bows even faster and quieter. Regardless of your stand on the speed vs. forgiveness debate, I personally think the best sellers will be those that deliver the best of both. As you scan the top 10 companies on my list, you may have a couple extras to suggest, but I’m betting our lists will overlap more often than not.

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2 Responses to My Picks for this Year's Best Compound Bows

Tim Case wrote:
April 14, 2014

And lower cost bows

Tim Case wrote:
April 14, 2014

Good list. I do believe that, because of Hunger Games, Brave, and Arrow that we will also see an increase in availability of lighter draw weight bows.