Buckshot Size

Use different sizes of buckshot for varmints and deer.

Q: What size does buckshot come in, and what's the best size for hunting?

A: Buckshot ranges in size from No. 4 (.24 caliber) to 000 (.36 caliber). Generally speaking, the smaller the size of the buckshot pellet, the more pellets loaded in a shell. For example, the 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch Hornady Varmint Express No. 4 buckshot load contains 24 pellets. The company's 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch Superformance 00 buckshot load contains just eight pellets. The smaller buckshot pellets are normally used for hunting varmints like coyotes, while the larger sizes are better suited for deer. In any size, buckshot loads are best used at short ranges.



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1 Response to Buckshot Size

Southerner wrote:
January 15, 2015

Buckshot sizes available in commercial ammunition runs a large as .60' and 320 grains per pellet. Just as the world of shotgun slug ammunition is no longer limited to the hollow base soft lead Foster style slug, todays buckshot ammo is no longer tied to traditional small pellet buckshot sizes.