What's the Best Wild-Game Meat?

Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum wants your input on what the best wild-game meat is to help her create her hunt-to-eat bucket list.

In just the past few years I have tried an array of new wild-game meats and some exotic meats that were extremely delicious, from kangaroo (which tasted just like beef steak) to bear, turkey, moose, beaver, squirrel, whitetail, blacktail, pheasant, duck and more. Preparation can be the key to making a typically unappealing or tough meat, such as beaver or squirrel, more appetizing. And, of course, bacon and BBQ sauce are always good additions to any recipe. Thus far, however, a good ole venison backstrap is still my favorite. My blacktail steaks are on-par with the whitetail venison, but the blacktail burger meat has an odd sweetness that I just can't get past.

Looking to future hunts, my two favorites, wild turkey and venison, will most definitely be on the hunting to-do list. But considering I still haven't experienced elk (hunting or eating), and I haven't hunted many other species, I'm trying to determine what should be on my hunt-to-eat bucket list. After all, there's nothing more satisfying than cooking something you harvested yourself. Don't get me wrong. If I am offered wild game from my circle of hunting friends, I will gladly accept it. But I derive greater satisfaction having taken it myself. Any suggestions on what to add to my list?

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8 Responses to What's the Best Wild-Game Meat?

Gerald Keller wrote:
April 04, 2014

Moose and Elk will be hard to beat in North America.Bushbuck,Springbuck,and Kudu tenderloins are like manna from heaven.

Jery G. Miller wrote:
March 26, 2014

Black bear is my favorite meat of all! Better than any other meat, wild or domestic by far!!!

Barry wrote:
March 26, 2014

The best I've ever tasted was Nilgai, but for everyday eating regular old whitetail venison.

Houston Hill wrote:
March 26, 2014

When I was young I traveled with my uncle and grandpa, by van, from Central Texas to Anchorage Alaska. Between the two of them, both ex military, they had friends we visited in nearly every state along the way. During that time I was able to eat nearly every native north american big game species. To me, Elk and Pronghorn are at the top of the list. And surprisingly, black bear we ate in the Yukon Territory was delicious. Moose was musky. I prefer White Tail over Blacktail of Mule Deer. Porcupine is not bad. Armadillo and Soft Shell Turtle both taste a lot like pork. I have not had Cariboux but heard it is good.

Mark Saxon wrote:
March 26, 2014

Hands down. Axis is the finest .

Harold wrote:
March 26, 2014

In North America, my favorite would be wood duck. But my favorite game ever is eland.

Scott MacIntyre wrote:
March 24, 2014

Very partial to Specklebelly Goose. but I don't think anything can beat Elk it's all in the way the meat is handled from start to finish. I'll take an Elk backstrap over of a filet mignon from a steer any day

Tom Ole wrote:
March 24, 2014

Sara, you will be amazed at the clean and amazing taste of Elk. In the environment these magnificent animals live in, I consider it the world's best organically grown meat. I am also partial to wild duck, which if prepared correctly, is excellent table fare. I agree with you that any animal which is harvested can be prepared to meet the toughest taste standards.