Hunting Handgun

Here are some tips for choosing a revolver for hunting.

Q: I am interested in hunting with handguns, revolvers in particular. Could you recommend a few?

A: There are many good hunting revolvers on the market that can fulfill your needs. The type of revolver–double-action or single-action–boils down to preference. The two configurations transfer recoil in a different manner that may or may not agree with the shooter. Double-actions recoil straight back into the web of the hand, whereas single-action revolvers tend to pivot up in the shooter’s hand. Caliber should be determined by the type of game you plan to hunt. If big-game is what you have in mind, the .44 Rem. Mag. is a good starting point. Take a look at Smith & Wesson’s various double-action revolvers, as well as Ruger’s single-action and double-action offerings, in this chambering.


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1 Response to Hunting Handgun

shootbrownelk wrote:
March 25, 2014

I use a Ruger Super RedHawk in .454 Casull. Works great, have taken antelope,deer & a few elk with mine. Has a red-dot sight, and I use .45 colt ammo for practice. And you do need to practice a lot.